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Protecting your skin is easy and important

The new ratings and terminology can be a little confusing, but it means you get more information about effective skin protection...Read More

Exercise is vital to diabetes control. The key thing to keep in mind with diabetes is that metabolism, particularly the way the body controls blood sugar...Read More

Certain fat types are linked to disease of the heart, eyes, brain, and other organs. High levels are linked to deadly problems like heart attack and stroke...Read More

There are multiple reasons to cross-train. If you ask most runners, they will tell you that the importance of crosstraining is to enhance overall performance, mainly by using muscles and energy systems...Read More

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is the most common type of kneecap pain. A hallmark is discomfort on stair usage, running, or arising from a squat. Pain also occurs during yard work and circuit exercise...Read More

In the United States, like many other developed countries, the prevalence of obesity is increasing. Over the past decade, children and adolescence are becoming more obese...Read More

Your heart is a small four-chamber muscle pump that circulates blood throughout your body. Blood is pumped out through a wide blood vessel called the aorta which serves as a main highway...Read More

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is an infection cause by a virus known as the influenza virus. This is a type of respiratory illness commonly caused by influenza virus A and B...Read More

Nowadays runners are more informed about proper training and injury prevention than ever before, but some are still unable to recognize the signs of potentially serious injuries...Read More

Ever question why your doctor needs to see you once a year? If you’re feeling great and not having problems then why bother? Right? In actuality, these appointments...Read More


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